Bart Massey

Hi! I'm Bart Massey, a fifty-something Asssociate Professor of Computer Science at Portland State University. I live in Lake Oswego, Oregon USA with my wife Joanie and son Benjamin. My research interests include open technology and software engineering, and artificial intelligence techniques for adversary seach. I also have a micro-business, focused on consulting and contract work in technology.

In my copious spare time (heh) I play keyboards and write music. I read extensively: lots of SF and detective fiction, as well as a lot of nonfiction. I also help to architect and develop a variety of open source projects, including the Nickle programming language. You can find much of my work at Github or on Bartforge.

This is probably not the page you are looking for. You might try my PSU CS site, my site, or my personal site. I also have a bunch of other stuff scattered around the web. Use Google to track it down if you're interested.

Feel free to drop me a note if you want to chat about most anything. Thanks for visiting my site!